May 24th - 26th, 2017 | Hyatt Regency Montreal | Montreal, QC

Registration for: The 28th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference 2017

Great news !!! Registration fees will not be going up this year !!!

Despite continuing increases in the costs of running the Annual Conference, the CBS is pleased to announce that there will be no increase in fees for this year’s conference in Montreal.

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Workshop Selection:

Wednesday 24 May 2017
08:30 - 12:00
W1 : Vulnerabilities in Family-Centred Care: Are Children and/or Families Falling Through the Cracks? Show Details Symphonie 1
W2 : Faire de la recherche AVEC (et non sur) le patient : fondements, pratique et enjeux éthiques Show Details Symphonie 3A
W3 : L'aide médicale à mourir: Une innovation sociale et un défi pour l'éthique clinique Show Details Symphonie 2
W4 : Parental consent to genetic testing in pediatrics: Clinical and ethical challenges Show Details Symphonie 3B

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Every effort will be made by Verney Conference Management to ensure that all speaker materials will be provided. If registering less than two weeks prior to an event, credit card payment will be required or you will need to provide a valid government purchase order number with applicable contact information.

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