About Saskatchewan Connections

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Hosted by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, Access and Privacy Branch (click here to learn more about the hosts), the 2016 Saskatchewan Connections Conference - Access, Privacy, Security, Records Management and Health IM is a regionally based conference intended to assist public bodies in developing connections between these disciplines and address the associated challenges. Access, Privacy, Security and Information / Records Management challenges are intertwined with almost everything  public bodies do. Through a series of plenary, breakout and workshop sessions, delegates will gain a clearer understanding of access to information, privacy, information security, and records management issues that arise in organizations subject to FOIP, LAFOIP, and HIPA. More importantly it focuses on the connections between these disciplines.

Not only is the agenda developed by the community that attends, it offers 25+ sessions and 35+ speakers over 2 days and individuals can register for potentially less than $370.00 per registrant! Our goal is to ensure this event remains as financially accessible as possible for public sector organizations. Furthermore, as the Saskatchewan Connections Conference is a Community-Based event it is paramount that the Community dictates what their conference will be about. Our goal is always to build the best possible Agenda, ensuring relevance, diversity and integrity.

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The 2016 Saskatchewan Connections: Access, Privacy, Security, Records Management & Health IM Conference, is also part of a series of regionally based conferences, all based on similar themes. They are the only multi-disciplinary, cross-jurisdictional, and community-based developed events for the greater public service across Canada. As a value-added bonus, participants of this event also receive access to the presentations to its provincial counterparts:





Whether you are a new attendee, have attended many times in the past, are new to the field or are a seasoned veteran...this event will offer something for everyone.