Privacy, Security & Records Management Conference

October 26 - 27, 2015 | Delta Bow Valley, Calgary, AB

The 2015 PIPA Connections Conference

October 26 - 27, 2015 - Delta Bow Valley, Calgary, AB

Deadline for Submission: Now Closed


  1. Speakers for selected proposals are responsible for their own expenses related to participation in the event.
  2. "Conference Only" registration fees for Speakers of selected proposals are complimentary. Complimentary tickets retain no cash value, and are non-transferable.
  3. If Speakers of selected proposals cancel their participation for whatever reason, they are responsible for providing a suitable replacement at their own expense.
  4. By submitting a submisssion you are agreeing to the terms set-out above


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Verney Conference Management and the Community-Based Advisory Committee are proud to present the “2015 PIPA Connections Conference”.

Increasingly around the globe we are seeing “privacy” becoming monetized and being used as a distinguishing marketing tool. In the conference world programs and agendas are becoming grossly diluted by vendor pitches, while the cost to attend is going up, meaning the value you receive is going down!

That’s why this conference aims to provide, at a very reasonable cost, the most useful and practical information possible for private-sector and not-for-profit organizations regulated by the Personal Information Protection Act in Alberta. It is intended to help such organizations understand the Connections between privacy, information security, and records management in order to more effectively manage their privacy risks up-front, and respond more effectively if things go wrong.

We believe in building communities, communities that have a say in their education and professional development. Verney Conference Management therefore will continue to employ its community-based approach to the development of the conference agenda, the same approach that made the previous PIPA conferences some of the best learning events of their kind.

We have assembled some of Canada's top practitioners to advise on the agenda, but more importantly we have also included representatives from the business and not-for-profit community in Alberta:

Agenda Advisory Committee:

  • Jann Beeston  - Volunteer Alberta
  • Richard DeBruyne - Nexen
  • Nicholas Fonseca - ARMA Canada
  • Brad Haines - ATB Financial
  • Rachel Hayward - OIPC Alberta  
  • Dan Heinemann - Servus Credit Union
  • David Loukidelis – David Loukidelis QC Consulting & Legal Services
  • Linda McKay-Panos - Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
  • Michael Primeau - EnCana
  • Rachel St.John - Osler LLP
  • Frank Work QC

Our focus for this year’s event is on practical, real-world problems and solutions. With  a greater focus on SME’s, not-for-profits, and given the ever-increasing blur between privacy rights and human rights, this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity is ideal for businesses and non-profit organizations. This is true whether your organization has built a detailed compliance program, is in the midst of implementing its strategy, or is just getting started.

Join us and your fellow privacy colleagues for Western Canada's premiere privacy-related event for businesses and not-for-profit organizations!


The Advisory Committee for the 2015 PIPA Connections Conference has identified the program streams for this event, which are set out below. The Advisory Committee is inviting individuals to submit proposals for presentations to be heard at the Conference that relate to the program stream topics. The 2015 PIPA Connections Conference will offer 1.5 days of plenary and breakout sessions, plus a half-day of optional in-depth workshops.

Individuals whose submissions are selected for the conference program will be notified by August 31st, September 7th. Those selected will be required to provide session-specific information prior to the conference, including a brief professional biography and complete presentation materials for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Individuals selected for participation in the conference will be responsible for their own expenses related to participation in the conference with the exception of conference-only registration fees (non transferable) which will be waived.


The conference content will be focused around the following 4 program streams:

  • Understanding the connections between privacy, information security and records management
  • Not-for-profits and their commercial activities
  • The intersection between privacy rights and human rights
  • I’m a small- or medium-sized business: what do I really need to know? 


Please make submissions by filling out the form found here: Now Closed

Please remember to:

  • Please submit a 1-2-paragraph abstract for a 1-hour presentation, including a title and 3-5 key bullet points.
  • Be specific about what you will present, and how the audience will benefit,
  • Talk about real-world experiences and achievements rather than theory, and
  • If you are a vendor to this community do not “pitch” specific products (i.e. security, software, consulting services).

Your submission should also include the following:

  • Name of speaker
  • Job title
  • Address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email
  • Program stream(s) your submission fits into and how it fits that program stream
  • Presentation title and brief description
  • Audience skill level (basic, intermediate, advanced)
  • Speaker biography

SUBMIT TO: Now Closed

If you have any questions please contact Dustin Rivers,