Privacy, Security & Records Management Conference

October 26th - 27th, 2015 | Delta Bow Valley, Calgary, AB

About the PIPA Connections Conference

Verney Conference Management and the Community-Based Advisory Committee are proud to present the “2015 PIPA Connections Conference”.

Increasingly around the globe we are seeing “privacy” becoming monetized and being used as a distinguishing marketing tool. In the conference world programs and agendas are becoming grossly diluted by vendor pitches, while the cost to attend is going up, meaning the value you receive is going down!

That’s why this conference aims to provide, at a very reasonable cost, the most useful and practical information possible for private-sector and not-for-profit organizations regulated by the Personal Information Protection Act in Alberta. It is intended to help such organizations understand the Connections between privacy, information security, and records management in order to more effectively manage their privacy risks up-front, and respond more effectively if things go wrong.

We believe in building communities, communities that have a say in their education and professional development. Verney Conference Management therefore will continue to employ its community-based approach to the development of the conference agenda, the same approach that made the previous PIPA conferences some of the best learning events of their kind.

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